Keep those children busy - free downloads!

We know some of you are at home right now - so here's a free workshop for you to download and print - if you don't have a printer just improvise and copy our ideas! Do share with friends too! Maybe get the grown-ups to have a go too! 

Take care.   

Marathon time!

Sadly the London marathon didn't take place this year - so here's your chance to celebrate someone you may kow who may have run or was planning to! Make the fun running vest design complete with numbers to stick on - maybe thinik of a charity to feature.. perhaps you would like to make a small donation to them too. Then make a medal - simply cut a circle from any card you have in the house and attach some spare ribbon... There's a fun 'warm-up' sheet below too.  

Warm-up sheet
JPG image [3.8 MB]
Example of vest design
JPG image [2.4 MB]
Blank vest
JPG image [481.1 KB]
Numbers for vest
JPG image [505.1 KB]
Medals example
JPG image [1.8 MB]
Pics of previous medals
JPG image [3.0 MB]

Easter Worksheets

Originally these were part of a book - but why not download them and have lots of fun!  

JPG image [1.6 MB]
JPG image [1.7 MB]
JPG image [2.0 MB]

Fun Scrabble Pics!

Use your imagination to make these fun scrabble collages - here's an example and the files you can download and print!   They can put their friend's names, family names or simply other words! There's a fun 'warm-up'sheet at the bottom to download too!

The background page
Download and print this if you want this background
JPG image [882.2 KB]
The letters
Download and print these if needed
JPG image [5.6 MB]
Shapes to print and stick
Drawn by Sarah - so a Birdhouse exclusive!
JPG image [2.4 MB]
Some more fun shapes
Print these to cut and stick on...
JPG image [1.1 MB]
Warm-up sheet
Just to get you in the spirit!
JPG image [3.0 MB]


At the Birdhouse we do things differently. We have a special colourful view on the world and try to encourage this in all the young people we work with. Why not join us and see for yourself!

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