The birdhouse is all about fun, creativity and fresh ways of seeing the world. We teach everyone to communicate visually and to think openly about how we can see things. Sarah Green has been designing for a long time. She started by studying at Central St. Martins School of Art doing her foundation course and a lot of painting and drawing. Then she picked up her graphics experience on her degree in design at the Uni of Portsmouth before finally studing the role of the modern art gallery and museum for her MA here in Winchester. Sarah devised all the unique materials for our classes. 



Our teachers are all experienced in working with the children and are all parents themselves. They love helping bring new ideas to the fore whilst understanding our duty of care to all.


At the Birdhouse we do things differently. We have a special colourful view on the world and try to encourage this in all the young people we work with. Why not join us and see for yourself!

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